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Is 'Vibin' from Kesh Kesh the next Viral TikTok Hit?

We originally came upon the audio for Kesh Kesh's 'Vibin' about 10 days ago when one of the TikTok influencers from our network featured her track in one of their videos. Since that time, about 150,000 additional TikTok videos have been made using the song, and about 20,000 new TikTok videos are being made each day at the present moment. Over 200,000 Spotify streams have accumulated during that time (with no playlisting) - so it's safe to say her audience is being driven from the TikTok platform. Our bet is, if the current momentum keeps up - within 2 weeks Kesh Kesh could find herself on the Viral charts on Spotify, and maybe even find herself fielding record label offers within a month's time.

Artist: Kesh Kesh

Interestingly, Kesh Kesh is a TikToker herself, with over 130,000 TikTok Followers at the moment. She has a large catalogue of content, and definitely understands the platform. She featured the song in her own video upon it's May 31st release, with a meme centered around her lyrics '1,2,3 - let's switch this up' - which prompts the video creator to create a transition in the video to a new setting - sometimes involving an outfit change, or even a dance. Kesh Kesh's original video featuring the track didn't get a ton of views compared to the other videos featuring the song, but what it did do - was inspire a community to create their own videos, based on Kesh Kesh's ability to put together a meme around the lyrical content of her song.

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