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A TikTok Influencer Marketing Case Study: RCA & Sony's Au/Ra Dances in the Dark on TikTok

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

After achieving over 300 million Spotify streams on tracks with DJ's such as Alan Walker and Camelphat, we were hired to promote Au/Ra's latest solo release 'Dance in the Dark' with a campaign on TikTok. After 4 weeks, our campaign yielded impressive results around a 'Dance in the Dark' challenge, which had such a high engagement rate that even Au/Ra herself took part in the challenge!


  • Videos containing the song achieved over 5,000,000 views on TikTok

  • Over 3,000 TikTok Users posted videos using the song

  • 25% of the videos posted using the song participated in the challenge originally started by our influencers - A HUGE engagement rate

  • TikTok themselves playlisted the song in their 'New Sounds' library

If you're interested in having your song be the next viral hit on TikTok, head over to our submit section and purchase your TikTok campaign today!

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